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Ask Me Anything: PredictionIO – Simon Chan

By on September 25, 2014

Simon Chan, Founder & CEO of PredictionIO

創業團隊主要由香港人組成的 PredictionIO,做開放源碼的機器學習(Machine Learning)伺服器,使開發者及程式員能僅以數行代碼寫出更聰明的應用,並提供更個人化的用戶體驗。他們在今年7月完成 250 萬美元的種子融資。

在今次 Ask Me Anything (AMA) 活動,我們很高興邀請到 Simon Chan, CEO and Co-founder of PredictionIO 跟大家分享及討論以下的問題:

  • 如何係香港 Startup 然後衝出世界同國際市場?
  • 如何運用 Data 開發產品同增加競爭力?
  • Startup 的 Product Marketing 及 PR



只要於本文的留言方框留底問題,Simon 將於 26﹣Sep 盡量回答大家。


PredictionIO is an open source Machine Learning server for developers to build smarter software. Today every application needs a database server. Tomorrow they will need a machine learning server. PredictionIO will be the machine learning server empowering every application.

The PredictionIO team has raised $2.5 million in seed funding from a raft of investors including Azure Capital, QuestVP, CrunchFund (of which TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington is a Partner), Stanford University‘s StartX Fund, France-based Kima Ventures, IronFire, Sood Ventures and XG Ventures in July, 2014.

So in this Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Simon Chan, CEO and Co-founder of PredictionIO would be happy to discuss and answer questions on:

  • From HK to International
  • Startup product marketing & PR
  • How startups can make use of big data to create competitive edge


How To participate:

Simply drop your questions in the comments section below in 26 Sep, and Simon would be happy to respond as soon as he can.


如果大家對 PredictionIO 的產品和發展有興趣,本身也是開發者或數據工程式師,我們鼓勵大家下載他們的 PredictionIO Server 或 SDK;

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If you’re interested in learning more PredictionIO , We encourage you to download their PredictionIO Server or SDK;

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